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Malibu is a city along the Pacific coast located right outside of Los Angeles. Locals affectionately refer to this city as the “Bu”. It is famous for its pristine beaches and for being the home to some of Hollywood’s most famous luminaries.

The city is surrounded by Ventura County to the west, Woodland Hills to the north, the Santa Monica Mountains to the east, and 21 miles of Pacific coast to the south.

As of 2010, the city’s population was just above 12,000 full-time residents. The majority of the city’s residents live within a few hundred yards of the ocean, but many residents live back in the many canyons that cover the area around Malibu. Even those that live in unincorporated canyon areas say, “I live in the Bu.”

The city was originally incorporated in 1991. Prior to that, the city was considered a township and operated under significant county oversight. The drive to become a city began in 1986 as a result of a proposed regional sewer system. City residents had fought many battles with the county over the years, but this proposal was the last straw. Finally, in 1991, the former township became a city and gained the ability to govern itself and determine its own fate.

Today, Malibu is a thriving community with plenty to do for local residents and visitors alike, but most of the activity understandably centers on the Bu’s many beaches and parks.

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