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Your water bill is too high — here’s how to fix it

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Utility bills are like an annoying, nosy neighbor. No matter how much you may want to avoid them, they always find you. Some Los Angeles homeowners may be all too familiar with this experience. Unfortunately, unlike moving to escape your neighbor, bills will track you down in your new location. Fortunately, there is a way to lessen their impact, and your stress.

Yes, just when it seemed your water bill couldn’t get any more outrageous, you can in fact find ways to decrease it. You just need to get a little creative (and no, we don’t mean moving completely off the grid, although that certainly qualifies as creative). Here are a few easy tips to reduce your bill every month.

Use grey water

Increasingly, the plumbing industry has embraced efficiency in Los Angeles. Some say it began with the use of tankless water heaters. Environmentally conscious neighborhoods like Beverly Hills and Malibu demanded that the best plumber Los Angeles has to offer install them as a way to maintain their hot water while using less energy. But while tankless heaters have caught on with people who can afford them, homeowners on a budget are looking for more affordable ways to be efficient while trimming their bill.

Grey water methods have become a great way to save money (and water) for just about everyone. The term refers to water that’s been used, but isn’t contaminated with bacteria or chemicals (black water, by contrast, is left over water from your toilet, car wash, etc.). The most popular way to use it is by placing a bucket or tub in your shower to collect the water after it’s rinsed you off. Subsequently, you use that water to hydrate the plants in your garden, or to just water your lawn.

Switch to turf

Grass requires constant upkeep. You have to mow it regularly, sure, but the most expensive casualty of maintaining a healthy, full yard is water usage. Sprinklers require gallons of H2O, even on a reduced schedule, such as the one Los Angeles homeowners are facing now. You’ve surely noticed it reflected in your water bill. The good news is that you don’t have to endure the stress of preserving your lawn at the expense of your water supply. In many neighborhoods like Santa Monica or Hollywood, grass alternatives such as turf are becoming more popular. The visual similarity between turf and grass is pretty uncanny. You do still have to water it, but much less frequently.

Consider other sprinkler alternatives

If switching to a grass alternative like turf or a rock garden just aren’t realistic options for you, you can still save on your water bill. As we said, sprinklers consumer a lot of water with every use. While they may be necessary for the large yards of, say, Hancock Park, the smaller residential properties in L.A. can be adequately covered the old-fashioned way. Watering by hand with a hose guarantees you’ll hit every necessary area without wasting a single drop.