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5 DIY security measures to keep burglars away

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Hollywood’s reputation for safety has come a long way. Gone are the days when crime and drug use ran rampant through the streets. People can now freely walk the commercial districts of Sunset and Hollywood Boulevard without fear. However, that doesn’t mean that suspicious people have disappeared completely. Residents still need to take precautions to ensure the safety of their homes, apartments, and condos.

Here are 5 affordable DIY measures every homeowner or apartment dweller can take to protect their residence.

Install motion-sensor lights

Motion-sensor lights send a message to people who edge near your property. It lets them to know that they’re presence is noted, which can deter someone who might want to test your home’s security. Floodlights may sound like an expensive and time-consuming project, but they’re actually relatively easy to install. Typically you can buy them for less than $50, and if the wiring already exists, they become a basic DIY project.

Maintain your yard

An unkempt yard lets burglars know that you’re not that concerned with appearances, and probably not overly cautious with security. In addition to trimming back hedges to prevent camouflage for a ne’er-do-well, keep your yard looking good. Mow the grass and water the garden.

If you want to go the extra mile, have sprinklers installed. This will create the image of a homeowner who’s paying attention. To do it, just call the best plumber in Hollywood. From Wilcox Avenue up to The Hollywood Sign, Morningside Plumbers can easily set up a sprinkler system that’ll keep your yard healthy and deter bad guys at the same time.

Fake security cameras

Nothing scares a burglar straight faster than being watched. Security systems are great if you can afford them. For the rest of us, simple DIY dummy cameras convey the same message as their expensive, hi tech counterparts. Either source cheap, disabled cameras and mount them along the perimeter of your home, or you can even create convincing fake ones using simple homemade materials.

Stay insured

This isn’t so much of a security measure as it is a way to protect yourself in general. In the unfortunate event that you do get robbed, you’ll want to account for every missing item. Many insurance companies offer homeowner’s and renter’s insurance, so that everyone can cover their valued personal items. Sit down and make an itemized list right now, if you don’t already have coverage. Note the value, taking into account re-sale price as well as intangible credit, such as whether or not the item is vintage.

Other budget solutions that work

When you stop to think about it, there are actually dozens of small ways in which you can keep burglars from sniffing out your home. For instance, a simple ‘Beware of Dog’ sign can go a long way to scaring someone with a fear of canines. Speaking of signs, you can also try posting a security alarm decal near your door or windows. Additionally adding screws a few inches about the windows will allow you to open them from the inside for fresh air, but not enough for someone to sneak in.