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7 facts everyone should know about their plumbing

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Many Santa Monica residents know a thing or two about their plumbing, but unless you’re a trained professional, most of us have gaps in our knowledge. It’s not necessary to fully educate yourself on the complexities and mechanics of plumbing systems (that’s its own full-time job), but knowing the fundamentals of how your home works is never a bad idea. It can even save you money and stress when a problem occurs.

To help fill in the gaps, here are 7 basic things every resident know about their plumbing:

Home remedies work

Professional plumbers should be contacted for bigger, complex jobs. But the truth is most people can repair their own issues if they know what they’re doing. For example, did you know that vinegar and baking soda can help clear most clogs? The next time your kitchen sink backs up, try mixing the two solutions and pouring them down the drain, followed by a generous helping of hot water. In most cases, this should do the trick.

Tap water is safe to drink – with exceptions

Despite what you might hear, the tap water in Los Angeles is relatively safe to drink. It passes through a series of filtration systems before it arrives in your home. However, if you have old, corroded pipes, you can still pick up debris and even bits of sand. The best solution is to filter your water.

Water heaters need to be flushed

While tankless water heaters are pretty self-sufficient, many homeowners still use a traditional tank to heat their H2O. However, proper maintenance is required to protect your water supply and prolong the life of the appliance. Experts recommend that you flush your heater once a year to remove debris and corrosive materials.

Pipes freeze

This one is perhaps more relevant to those of us who live in other parts of the country that suffer colder winters. But our city does dip into freezing temperatures throughout the winter. No matter where you live, keep in mind that pipes can freeze during the cold seasons. If this happens, simple tricks like using a blow dryer can add warmth and help defeat the problem.

Great plumbers offer emergency service

Santa Monica residents have many options when it comes to choosing a plumber, but only a select few are truly dedicated to serving you. The mark of a great plumber is last-minute, emergency service. For a plumber that Santa Monica can count on, call Morningside Plumbers. Whether you live in the neighborhoods near Main Street or adjacent to Third Street Promenade, our team of experts are available round the clock to help.

Bath water can be re-used

California is facing a serious drought, which means we need to get equally serious about saving water. One simple way to reduce our usage is by re-using some of the water that we consume. By placing a bucket in the shower, for example, you can catch the runoff and use it to water your plants.

Copper is not always the best option

Older homes in particular are outfitted with copper pipes. While the material is durable and generally lasts decades, it can and does corrode, and potentially threatens the safety of your home’s water supply. Whether it’s time for copper repiping or to switch out altogether and use something PVC or PEX lines, you should reconsider using copper pipes.