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In many ways, modern plumbing is incredible.  Unlike a hundred years ago, when Los Angeles residents had to undergo major inconveniences just to access water, today we’re lucky enough to have it at our fingertips.

However, for all of the ways that plumbing makes our lives easier, it can seriously screw up our homes as well.  You can pretty much depend on having hiccups, as well as full-on disasters.

In the case of a major problem like an unexpected flood or broken sewer line, it’s advised that you call a professional right away.  For the best emergency plumber Los Angeles has to offer, contact Morningside Plumbers.  From the Santa Clarita Valley to the Pacific Ocean, we’ve tackled the city’s biggest and baddest residential plumbing nightmares, and can surely help you.

During the short time while you wait for us, you won’t be helpless.  Here are a few common emergencies, and the measures you can take to turn your predicament around.

Burst Pipes

If you discover water flooding, spraying or just building up behind a wall, the first thing you should do is turn off your home’s water supply.   Locate the main shut-off valve, and turn it to the off position.  This will cut the flow to all of your fixtures.  Next, turn on all the cold water taps in your home to drain the remaining water.  This should stop the flood until a pro shows up.

Leaky Fixtures 

If you have a faucet that won’t stop running, you’ll need to put an end to it in order to avoid a huge water bill.  Similar to the burst pipe scenario, shut off the valve that’s closest to the culprit fixture.  Then inspect the trap and remove any debris or particles that might obstruct its opening, or cause it to overflow

Clogged toilet

Though perhaps not the most dangerous of emergencies, this is may be the least desirable.  Nobody wants to deal with a stopped up toilet, but you may not have a choice.  Locate the valve behind your toilet and turn it clockwise until it stops.  Once the overflow has ceased, see if there’s an object that you might be able to plunge out of the bowl.

Water Heater Leak

This scenario can especially be harmful to your garage or basement – wherever the heater is located.  Sometimes the solution can almost be as annoying, as it involves shutting it off and therefore cutting your home’s hot water.  The water heater valve is typically lever-shaped, and located above the device.  Turn it off to stop the flooding.

Clogged Drains

If one drain backs up, it may not be an emergency, but watch out for a house-wide clog.  If water is draining slowly and more of it comes out of your tub than goes down, you may have sewer line blockage.

To temporarily fix the problem, find your home’s “Clean Out” lever, usually located in front of your home, and switch it Off.  It may re-route it to your yard, but it will at least save your house from filling with sewage.