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Can green plumbing really save you money?

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Los Angeles residents are no strangers to green trends. As a proudly progressive city, we embrace technologies and lifestyle habits that can help improve our footprint on the planet, while helping reduce our overall costs of living. Plumbing practices are certainly no exception. Over the past decade or so, both plumbers and residents alike have tried to figure out ways to use less water while maintaining the services we need at home. The question is, can we continue to use our appliances and fixtures as before while consuming and spending less?

While we’ve seen some promising results, definitive answers remain to be seen. To put the issue of green plumbing into perspective, here are a few major areas in which it’s being applied.


Perhaps the most frequently cited example of green plumbing’s success is the rise of the tankless water heater. The modern appliance replaces the traditional model, which relied on an oversized tank to store water that was heated and cooled repeatedly. The old-fashioned system used much power and excess quantities of water. (Of course, the old tanks are still used in many homes today).

By contrast, tankless models heat on demand. The result is less energy consumption and the use of water on a strictly on-demand basis, ensuring that no extra is accessed unnecessarily. Critics of tankless water heaters cite the high up front cost as a factor that undermines the appliance’s savings. However, costs on your water and power bill over time should off-set the high purchase price.


In addition to money-saving major appliances like tankless heaters and high-efficiency washing machines, there are other ways that homeowners can reduce their water bill while still receiving the same services that they’re used to. Low-flow toilets, for example, are popular among many area residents. From Downtown LA to Santa Monica, Angelenos all over the city are using them to save up to 5 gallons per flush. To install a new green toilet, just call the plumber that Hermosa Beach counts on most. Morningside can remove and replace your old, water-wasting model with a new, efficient green toilet. Additionally, we can also help with efficient shower heads and sinks.


Although Los Angeles and the rest of the state is facing a record drought, Californians have endured dry conditions here and there throughout the years and have picked up water and money-saving practices. Before there existed tankless water heaters, we used good old-fashioned re-use tactics, many of which still apply today. A common practice is to place a bucket in the shower or sink to catch run-off water, and then re-use it to water your lawn. Additionally, some residents can manipulate the hoses attached to their washers to similar effect. By getting crafty and re-using water around the house, you can dramatically reduce your water bill every month. These green tactics are timeless and will remain productive, even as green technology fads come and go.