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If nearby Beverly Hills is the home of the rich and famous, Hollywood is where the rich and famous go to work — or that is the perception.

Hollywood is a district in the northwest portion of Los Angeles. Its name has become synonymous with glamour, style and fame. In fact, the name is often used as an adjective and a metonym.

Of course, perception is not always reality. Much of the entertainment-industry-specific business that made the area famous has since moved out to the surrounding areas. Still secondary and auxiliary industries have a presence in the district and world-famous Paramount Pictures still maintains their iconic backlot.

Despite its iconic status, this area is not a defined municipality. It is still only a district of greater Los Angeles – a district with defined borders. In 2002, residents began to push for secession from greater Los Angeles, but the measure failed by a wide margin. Instead, residents petitioned in 2005 to require the state of California to treat the district as if it were independent – essentially giving the district defined borders. As of 2000, 210,777 people lived within these borders.

The district, despite gaining its independent recognition, had long been in decline as entertainment companies moved away from the area; however, a recent push to revitalize and preserve the areas iconic landmarks and history has gained momentum. This redevelopment push has once again made Hollywood’s streets the place to see and be seen both in the daytime and after hours.