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Holmby Hills

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Holmby Hills. While people living outside of L.A. may not be familiar with this exclusive community, Angelenos know it as one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the world. The area is so luxurious it makes up what is known as the “Platinum Triangle,” – an affluent section of Los Angeles comprised of Bel Air and Beverly Hills.

This exclusive 400-acre neighborhood was purchased for $100 an acre by British department store magnate Arthur Letts, Sr. Letts gave the area a name loosely derived from his birthplace Holdenby and envisioned a community designed for the well-heeled elite. Look to the east and you’ll see Beverly Hills, Bel Air is to the north, Wilshire Boulevard to the south and Westwood to the west. While Letts died prior to making his dream come true, his son, Arthur Letts, Jr. worked to make the area one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in the world.

So what makes Holmby Hills unique? Like Beverly Hills and Bel Air, this community is also known for posh manors built on big lots. The area also has two lovely parked encircled by mature sycamore trees. While elegant mansions on sprawling estates and charming parks may hint at your location, it’s the English-style street lights that give it away. Designed in the 1920s by the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting, the lamps were created specifically for the community and are distinct from any other found in L.A.

Occupants in this classy neighborhood have included Walt Disney, Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland. While many of the rich and famous may call this area home, this neighborhood’s most famous resident is probably Hugh Hefner, who transformed an early twentieth century Tudor-style home in the area into what we all now know as the Playboy Mansion.

If you’re seeking an area that’s known for elegance and exclusivity, that place is Holmby Hills.