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Secret tips all home sellers need to know

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While the real estate market in Bel Air experiences peaks and valleys, the posh Los Angeles neighborhood remains coveted by many potential buyers. However, that doesn’t mean sellers are guaranteed to get everything they want. While the market has tipped more in their direction over the past few years, and housing prices have stabilized, residents of this affluent corner of LA’s Platinum Triangle shouldn’t take the selling process for granted. Indeed, if anything, it’s more competitive now than in recent years.

All of the traditional rules of putting a home up for sale still apply (maintain curb appeal, cover all outstanding repairs), but there are a few little-known tricks that can ensure that your sale yields what you deserve.

Shave 10% off your asking price

Did that get your attention? Some sellers balk when they first hear this tip, but there’s a method to the madness. If your home is well-preserved and offers real value to buyers, people will drool over the listing once they see your too-good-to-be-true asking price. The result? An all-out bidding war. Buyers will jump at the chance to snatch up your property, and aggressively try to out-price each other in the process. What started as a counter-intuitive tactic resulted in more money than you expected.

Check out the competition

On one hand, you shouldn’t worry too much about what other sellers offer. Your home is its own property with its own value and personality. However, you can definitely learn from other homes for sale. What kind of upgrades do they offer? Is the square footage comparable, or do competitors offer similar size for more or less money? Additionally, find out if the plumbing is current with other sellers. A decision to place an offer on comparable homes may come to a detail like more efficient fixtures. To ensure your home is fully upgraded, contact the most skilled plumber in Bel Air. Morningside Plumbing & Heating will replace outdated pipes and upgrade toilets, faucets and showers to reflect contemporary aesthetics and  standards, whether you live along Sunset Boulevard or near the Bel Air Country Club.

Clean out your closets

In addition to adding a sense of clean organization, spacious closets provide another important benefit; they create a sense of extra storage space. Buyers want to envision themselves in this prospective home. An excess of boxes or other objects hinders that process. Put your own stuff in remote storage if you have to, but don’t over-do it. Completely empty closets look odd and can distract from seeing the home’s potential.

Let in the natural light

Along with storage, people love light. An open, airy and bright home is very inviting. Pull back the curtains and open the blinds during showings. Let natural light in to create warmth in the space. This small step can go a long way to making people feel more welcome. If your home has small windows, replace the light bulbs with those with higher wattage. A bright home is very appealing indeed.