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Have you ever run out of gas? Forgot to pay a bill on time? To run smoothly, our day-to-day lives depend on many basic tasks, and yet sometimes they elude us. The frustrating part is that major headaches could be avoided if we just invested in ourselves a little more.

This all translates to the home as well. Most repairs are frankly unnecessary. Sure, you might need them to fix your leaky pipe, but the truth is, if we had heeded the warning signs earlier on, you wouldn’t have had to call a plumber in the first place.

When it comes to plumbing, staying current with preventative maintenance is essential. It keeps you from having to spend time and money down the road. Here are a few areas that you should have inspected in order to avoid unnecessary emergencies later on.


As mentioned, leaky pipes can lead to serious floods. Los Angeles residents may notice the moisture in the wall, the bulge in the ceiling, or even the pool of water in the basement, and yet we still procrastinate. It’s human nature. However, the minor inconvenience can snowball into a big problem (this is where you start kicking yourself for not fixing it earlier).

To nip the problem in the bud, you should call a professional. For the best plumber Beverly Hills has to offer, contact Morningside Plumbers. Whether you live near Roxbury Park or even in The Four Seasons Hotel, we’ll inspect your pipes to identify any red flags.

Water heater

Unless you spend a lot of time in your basement, water heaters are easy to forget. We take them for granted because they stay out of site, out of mind. But in fact, they dramatically affect much of our home’s water supply. Nobody wants to take a cold shower or suffer weak water pressure. So don’t suffer through them for longer than you have to. At their first signs, you should call a plumber to examine it.

Additionally, if your heater is more than 8 years old, you should have it looked at. At the very least, it will most likely need a flush, which your plumber should know how to handle.

Sewer lines

Thankfully, we stay blissfully unaware of the presence of our home’s sewer lines. Most likely you’ll never have any exposure to the waste water that’s transferred back and forth to and from you home. However, if you sense an inexplicable, bad odor, your bathroom fixtures start acting funny, or your lawn becomes saturated with wet patches, don’t ignore these signs! Call a plumber before a little leak explodes into something bigger and smellier.

Like water heaters, if you have old lines, it’s a good idea to have them looked at. If you’re not sure how old they are, determine it against the age of the house. In any case, it’s better to error on the side of caution and contact a pro no matter what.