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These details can make a small bathroom remodel feel huge

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Santa Monica homes boast some beautiful remodeling work. Take a stroll through any of its prominent streets such as Montana Avenue (and if you’re lucky, inside open houses), and you’ll see impressive rehabbed wood fences, luxury tiling, and large, open spaces. Bathrooms, in particular, grab your attention. Walk-in showers and basin sinks are now the norm, and for good reason. They turn simple bathroom use into a full-blown experience.

While these kinds of improvements suggest a big budget, the reality is you don’t need tons of funds to upgrade your bathroom. Check out these small details that can make a huge difference in your bathroom remodel

Door handles

Sure, you might not immediately notice a door handle, especially when you use it every day. But as the entrance to the bathroom, the door is the first thing people notice. A small detail like a chic handle can set the mood before people even step foot inside. Depending on your aesthetic, you might be able to find a vintage knob or a modern, minimalist handle.

Drawer pulls

Increasingly, designers and home décor specialists are using simple details such as drawer pulls to convey the overall tone of a space. For example, the rectangular, classic Chevron stripe is popular among many new, stylish homeowners. Meanwhile, other people prefer small, silver squares, or round wooden knobs. No matter what you choose, drawer pulls can subtly elevate the whole room.

Shower door hardware

As bigger, walk-in showers become increasingly popular, door hardware is now something every remodeler should consider. Like drawer pulls, shower door hardware adds a transformative touch of style. Whether you opt for long horizontal bars or simple vertical handles, you can make different kinds of statements.

Additionally, if you decide to go the extra mile and remodel the whole shower, you’ll need the most skilled plumber in Santa Monica. Morningside Plumbers’ team of technicians can advise you on how to properly reconfigure your shower. Whether you live near Third Street Promenade or along The Pacific Ocean, we’ll make sure your design choices correspond to your plumbing infrastructure.


With mirrors, you step into a bigger league of renovation, but they’re still much easier to install than, say, a new toilet or sink. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. You’re really only limited by your imagination. Minimalist mirrors may have no frame, and easily affix to the wall. Meanwhile, people who want to make a more baroque statement may opt for an oversized circular mirror that rests on a large bathroom sink. For a more beach-y aesthetic, you might consider a mirror framed by preserved driftwood.


Faucets have the potential to turn into major projects, but they don’t have to. Some faucets can be easily installed with your bathroom’s existing plumbing. You also have a variety of options to choose from when deciding on the right faucet. Whether you want a traditional model with knobs (another detail that can augment the room’s mood), or opt for a classy, motion-activated faucet, homeowners can use the plumbing fixture to fit just about any aesthetic.