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What should landlords choose: handyman or professional plumber?

Day or night, 24 / 7, we’ve got your pipes covered.

Landlords in Culver City – like many areas in Los Angeles – have a go-to handy man for their properties. Usually this person is a jack of all trades, knows his way around a tool box, and can fix all types of issues that may affect renters’ apartments or condos. While most handy men are more than competent, not all problems can be solved with general knowledge. More complicated scenarios require in-depth training in a specific area. Plumbing problems in particular are tricky, given their diversity and potential for real trouble.

If you’re a landlord (or a renter wondering how to talk to a landlord about services around your home), make sure to ask the following questions the next time you encounter a plumbing issue. These can help determine whether or not you need to hire an experienced plumber.

How urgent is the problem?

Usually, most common water issues can wait a couple hours or even days. Leaks and clogged drains don’t always need immediate service (the renters can hopefully avoid the problem areas for the time being). For these less urgent things, a handy man doesn’t need to rush over immediately, focusing instead on his current job. However, for more pressing matters such as a flooded bathroom, landlords may want to contact a dedicated professional, as this kind of job needs to be dealt with ASAP by someone who knows instantly how to handle it.

Is it simple or complicated?

Culver City isn’t more prone than any other neighborhood in LA to emergency plumbing crises, but they can and do happen. Handymen are good options for basic jobs that tenants can’t fix themselves. But when it comes to more complicated or serious issues such as a burst sewer line, landlords should call an experienced plumber that Culver City can trust. Morningside Plumbers’ team of trained technicians have the experience necessary to fix even the most complicated problems. Whether you live along Washington Boulevard or near Sony Pictures Studios, we’ll help preserve your property and keep repair costs down.

Can your handy man improvise?

Often, issues with pipes and drains aren’t as simple as they might first seem. Repiping a property might appear to be a simple task (there are explainer videos online, after all), but if you’re not totally sure what you’re doing, you may run into trouble – fast. In these instances, a handy man needs to know how to improvise in the moment. If you spring a leak or discover you have to replace materials in a time-sensitive situation, will he able to successfully change course?

Does it require specialty knowledge?

Many area residents possess general knowledge when it comes to fixing our own plumbing. In fact, we’ve met many customers from Helms Bakery to National Public Radio West who do a pretty good job with repairs based on informal training. However, this only gets you so far. If you, say, need to flush a hot water heater or repair a particular kind of pipe, you should have special knowledge of these hardware and materials, otherwise you risk making the problem worse.