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Why your old plumbing is so dangerous

Day or night, 24 / 7, we’ve got your pipes covered.

How old is your business’s plumbing? While any kind of plumbing issue can arise at any time, the most common problem in a commercial property is age.

Recently it was announced that a $54 million bond measure will be placed on the upcoming ballot in Hermosa Beach, funding the upgrade of facilities for the neighborhood’s schools. Among the reasons for the upgrade? Outdated plumbing.

While Hermosa is relatively young, it’s unclear when the plumbing in its commercial districts was last renovated. Can you imagine if a flooded pipe wiped out the businesses on The Strand? Or if Fiesta Hermosa had to be cancelled because of a water main break?

If you’re not sure about the condition of your company’s pipes, here are a few areas to consider for inspection.

Burst pipes

Generally, pipes are built to last for a long time. The most common are called supply pipes, and they operate the way you’d think. They deliver water within your property, as well as to the community lines. Given their frequent use, they’re also known as worker pipes. However, because of the immense pressure they undergo over time, they can become susceptible to leaks.

Steel pipes, in particular, are vulnerable to failures. Of all of the different kinds of pipe materials, theirs has the shortest life of up to 50 years at most. Copper, however, will last longer, and brass keeps your water flowing without incident for as long as 70 years. While construction in the South Bay is ongoing, many commercial areas have been around for a long time. You definitely don’t want to take your building’s plumbing for granted.

Busted sewer lines

Problematic sewer lines are no joke. When they back up or break, it can create a smelly flood in your retail shop, restaurant or office. Most likely, no one’s rushing to repair and clean up spilled sewage, but if your business winds up on the flood end of a bad line, call the best plumber Hermosa Beach has to offer. Morningside Plumbing’s team of trained technicians can fix failed sewer lines, even among the busiest commercial areas.

If you’re considering a preventative inspection, we can also assist with that as well. We’ll assess the life and strength of the line, and let you know if it needs to be restored or replaced.

Clogged drains

Sure, accidentally dropping a foreign object down the drain is a quick way to clog it (you’d be surprised how often this happens). And sometimes, they occur from normal wear and tear. But perhaps the biggest culprit of a clog is a drain’s age.

Older drains have been through a lot. They’ve serviced gallons of water and debris over the years. Although plunging, cleaning, and quick fixes help remove a clog in the short term, eventually it’ll require more permanent measures.
Ultimately, the best way to deal with an old drain is to just replace it. This may call for a more invasive and costly plumbing job up front, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.