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Will the holidays ruin your plumbing?

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Every year the window of time between Halloween and New Year’s Day is pretty much a non-stop celebration. Whether you’re participating in Downtown LA’s Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, or caroling through the streets of Santa Monica, Los Angeles residents embrace the holidays in a big way. But while this may bring joy to our personal lives, it places an unexpected burden on our homes.

Hosting family gatherings and holiday parties can be fun, but what we often don’t realize is that, in order to accommodate the masses, our homes’ plumbing has to work overtime. As we welcome people over for the holiday season, here are 3 potential problem areas for your plumbing – and how to deal with them.

Increased water usage

Many homes are built to handle an increase in water demand – in moderation. From time to time, toilets, sinks and drains all experience heavier usage, but the reality is that drains and pipes can only take so much. In particular, older homes in neighborhoods like Beverly Hills have more frail plumbing infrastructure. Seasonal parties and get-togethers can multiply your normal water usage, so make sure you plan ahead. Adding high-efficiency fixtures to your home can reduce the amount of water used by you and your guests. Low-flow sinks are a great way to accommodate people’s needs without potentially clogging your drains. 

Possible plumbing emergencies

Nothing can ruin a swanky Hollywood holiday party faster than an overflowing toilet. Not only does it render your bathroom useless and force guests to leave, it creates a very unappealing task for you, the host. You now have to sop up the floor and plunge a toilet instead of catching up with your friends.

Likewise, losing hot water due to heavy use of sinks and showers can ruin a gathering. Don’t get caught off guard by these unexpected plumbing disasters. Keep the best plumber Los Angeles has to offer on speed dial throughout the holiday season. Because you’ll most likely host a party at night or on the weekend, you’ll want a professional who’s available 24 / 7. Additionally, if you want to nip any potential disasters in the bud, call Morningside Plumbing now to take preventative measures for the holidays, such as installing efficient toilets and servicing your hot water heater.

Frozen pipes

The beauty of Los Angeles is the wonderful weather. Although our winters are milder than those in the rest of the country, the thermostat does take a dive throughout the holiday season, resulting in freezing temperatures. Frozen pipes, especially in older homes, can present a real problem. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner or just gearing up for a holiday celebration, you don’t want to lose your water supply unexpectedly. However, if this happens to you, you can try a few easy solutions. To thaw a frozen pipe, use a hair dryer to apply heat to it. You can also try wrapping the pipe in a towel and pouring hot or boiling water over said towel. The result might be messy, but it’ll keep your holidays running smoothly.